Public Health Preparedness

Public Health Preparedness

The Public Health Preparedness (PHP) Program provides emergency planning, response and recovery capabilities to the eight counties and one tribal region within Southeastern Idaho Public Health (also known as Public Health District 6).

PHP can provide support in public health preparedness capabilities to County, Tribal, and Healthcare Emergency Managers, as well as to Fire, EMS, Police, general public and other community partners. PHP actively collaborates with the Greater Idaho Healthcare Coalition and surrounding regional partners in South Central Public Health District and Eastern Idaho Public Health to build upon overall public health preparedness.

PHP can coordinate resources, support and assist in drills and exercises, provide volunteer support for activities, and coordinate training opportunities. To find out more about PHP planning, training or exercise coordination, volunteer opportunities or resources please contact us at 208-239-5233.

Contact Us

General PHP Office Contact: 208-239-5233

Paige Ellis, RN
Public Health Preparedness Program Manager

Office: 208.478.6315
Cell: 208.221.4424

Lori Peck, MPH
Public Health Preparedness Planner

Office: 208.239.5216
Cell: 208.589.3150

Tabari, Mursalin, MPH
Public Health Preparedness Training & Exercise Coordinator

Office: 208.239.5208
Cell: 208.851.6768

Our Mission

"Every day, in every way, empowering & improving health!"