Child Care

Child Care

Becoming a Childcare Provider

Idaho law sets the basic framework for licensing, but local city and county governments can establish and enforce their own licensing requirements. Local ordinances or participation in certain programs may require you to be licensed even if you meet exemption criteria.

Childcare Inspection Results

Southeastern Idaho Public Health Childcare Inspectors conduct regular inspections of childcare facilities to ensure that all safety and health guidelines are being met.

All childcare facilities receive one unannounced inspection each year. When violations are noted during an inspection, they must be corrected immediately or the inspector will have to schedule a follow-up inspection or issue a violation correction report.

Reportable Diseases

SIPH provides technical assistance regarding health and safety issues (education and prevention of communicable diseases) for child care facilities.
  1. Did you know that if you are a food handler, day care provider/worker, or a health care worker there are restrictions according to the Rules and Regulations Governing Idaho Reportable Diseases for returning to work after being diagnosed with a reportable disease?
  2. Did you know if your child attends day care and he/she has tested positive for a reportable disease, he/she is restricted from attending day care according to the Rules and Regulations Governing Idaho Reportable Diseases?
  3. Examples include, but are not limited to: Giardiasis, Campylobacteriosis, E-coli, Hepatitis A, Salmonellosis, and Shigellosis.

For more information please refer to Rules and Regulations Governing Idaho Reportable Diseases (IDAPA 16.02.10).