School Services

School Services

We believe it is critically important to provide health promotion, education, and screening services in school settings in order to keep our communities healthy and provide basic services to children who might not otherwise have the opportunity to see a regular health care provider.

School services that we provide include:
  • Care Plans and Individualized Education Plans
  • Maturation classes
  • Vision screening
  • On-site immunizations for students and staff
  • Reproductive health classes
  • Scoliosis screening
  • Handwashing classes
  • Other classes for school staff such as: first aid/poison control/CPR, medication administration, injury prevention, lice control, tobacco cessation, or other topics as requested.


Cost for these services are arranged with local school districts. If your school is interested in any of the following services please call your local Public Health office.

Our Mission

"Every day, in every way, empowering & improving health!"