Substance Misuse Prevention

Substance Misuse Prevention

Southeastern Idaho Public Health has collaborated with the Office of Drug Policy to fulfill the Partnership for Success (PFS) grant. The goal of implementing the PFS grant is to prevent underage drinking, and methamphetamine use using evidence-based prevention programs and practices.

Over 38% of Idaho students, aged 12 to 18 drank alcohol in their lifetimes, 14.7% drank and 6.8% binge drank in the past thirty days. Among those that reported drinking alcohol, nearly 15% reported drinking ten or more drinks within a couple of hours in the past thirty days.

Law enforcement agencies are also overburdened by crime related to methamphetamine and consequences of meth use are affecting Idahoans at an escalating rate. The meth-related drug/narcotic arrest rate in 2017 was 2.1 per 1,000 population, which increased by 249% since 2008. Although only 0.9% of Idahoans reported using meth in the past year, 34% of drug/narcotic arrests in Idaho were meth-related.

This program focuses on preventing underage drinking and methamphetamine use among youth using a number of evidence-based prevention programs and strategies.

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