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Tobacco Cessation

2014 Fresh Start Tobacco Cessation Program Schedule

Location Date/Time Address RSVP #
American Falls Monday, September 29th – Monday, October 20th 6 pm – 7 pm 590 ½ Gifford 208-226-5096
Pocatello Youth Tuesday, October 7th – Tuesday, October 28th 4 pm – 5 pm 1901 Alvin Ricken Drive 208-478-6316
Pocatello Tuesday, October 7th – Tuesday, October 28th 6 pm – 7 pm 1901 Alvin Ricken Drive 208-478-6316
Arco Monday, November 3rd – Monday, November 24th 6 pm – 7 pm 178 Sunset Drive 208-527-3463
Montpelier Monday, November 3rd - Monday, November 24th 6 pm – 7 pm 455 Washington, Suite #2 208-847-3000
Soda Springs Tuesday, November 4th – Tuesday, November 25th 6 pm – 7 pm 55 East 1st South 208-547-4375
Malad Tuesday, November 18th- Tuesday, December 9th 6 pm – 7 pm 175 South 300 East 208-766-4764
Preston Tuesday, January 13th –Wednesday, February 3th 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm 42 W 1st S 208-852-0478
Blackfoot Wednesday, January 14th –Wednesday, February 4th 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm 326 Poplar 208-785-2160
Sick of Smoking?
Sick of Chewing?

How many times have you tried to quit chewing or smoking? Maybe once, maybe a thousand times. You start out really wanting to quit and feel that the time is right. However, for one reason or another, you start using tobacco again. You feel like a failure and that you will never be able to stop chewing or smoking. It is not surprising, considering tobacco is an addictive drug, which makes it hard to quit.

Perhaps you are ready to try and quit again, but you are afraid that you may fail once again. Who can blame you? As hard as it is to believe, it takes a person on average seven attempts to successfully quit. That means that a person may quit after the first time they try, while the next person may need fourteen times before they successfully quit.

Here are some facts for you to think about:
  • Smoking is the #1 preventable cause of death in the U.S.
  • Each year, approximately 440,000 people die from tobacco-related illnesses
  • Currently, tobacco is costing the U.S. $157 billion in health-related illnesses
  • 52% of the current smokers have tried to quit in the last year
  • Current smokers in the U.S. are now outnumbered by former smokers

The Smoking Cessation Program available through Southeastern Idaho Public Health provides support and information for people who are thinking about quitting smoking. Plus, it is FREE. This is made possible through the continued support the cessation program receives from the State of Idaho's Millennium Fund.

Those who are eligible for assistance include:
  • Pregnant women and their spouses/other family members who smoke
  • Youth
  • Adults who smoke and are interested in quitting
The Program includes:
  • Community Classes for Adults or Ending Nicotine Dependence Classes for Youth
  • Information and tips on how to quit
  • New coping skills
  • Nutrition and physical activity tips to avoid weight gain
  • Stress management techniques
  • For an upcoming tobacco cessation class schedule and/or to register for free tobacco cessation classes, contact Traci Lambson, MHE at (208) 478-6316.

In order to receive tobacco cessation services, individuals are strongly encouraged to complete the entire program by attending all community or youth classes. is a new web-based quit program. helps tobacco users quit by offering a wide variety of tools that can be used as you begin the quitting process. By signing up, you can receive a 4-week supply of FREE nicotine replacement therapy products (i.e., patches, gum, lozenges).

You will find these quitting tools on the site:
  • Quitting Aids – These aids will help you decide what type, dose, and schedule of nicotine replacement or other medication is right for you.
  • Quit Guide – It's an easy-to-use workbook that you can use in any situation to help you stick with your Quitting Plan.
  • Quit Coach – You can get expert support and assistance whenever you need it, over the phone, from coaches who specialize in helping people quit tobacco.
  • Web Coach – You'll have access to a private, online community where you can complete activities, watch videos, track your progress, and join in discussions with others in the program. There are more than 25,000 active members.

Go to to learn more about free nicotine replacement therapies and other services provided by this online tobacco cessation program.

QuitLine (1-800-QUIT-NOW, 1-800-784-8669) is a toll-free number that lets you talk directly to expert coaches. You'll get private counseling and support and advice on creating your quit plan. You'll learn how to develop skills to break your tobacco habits. You can talk to a live person who will help you decide which quitting products or medications will work for you. Call Quitline to receive your 4-week supply of FREE nicotine replacement therapy products (i.e., nicotine patches, gum, or lozenges).

Research shows that combining tobacco cessation support (i.e., classes or counseling) with nicotine replacement therapy or other tobacco cessation aids, increase your chances of successfully quitting tobacco.

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